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Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) lets drivers have a safe travel by maintaining smooth steering and control of the vehicle during hard brakes. ABS can improve your steering control and lessens your risk on braking distance on wet and slippery surface.

ABS offer maximum braking effort especially during emergency stops/brakes. ABS was developed due to occurrence of wheel skid and unintentional wheel lock up while hitting the brakes. Well ABS don’t help you have a complete stop it just allows you to have a better control during hard braking and prevents your vehicle to skid even on slippery surface.

Here are some benefits when your vehicle has an ABS:

  • Reduce Friction – with ABS the friction that occurs during drive will be reduce and will let your tires increase its performance up to 30%.
  • Steering Control – drivers can control the steering smoothly which help minimize accidents.
  • Maximum braking effort – guarantees to perform its braking capabilities even on rough surfaces and lessens overturning of your vehicle.
  • First time driver friendly – first timers can easily have an effective driving experience by providing smooth and easy to control steering.
  • Stability Control – ABS can provide smooth stability control while you grab the break and it will let you steer and control your drive even when you do a one hand steer.

ABS light is on in my car:

Have you been bothered or frightened when ABS light up as if there’s a problem which may lead to system malfunction? Well you don’t need to panic, don’t overact when it lights up, it would be best to relax and drive slowly while finding a space to park at and check your ABS. Shut off your vehicle and re-start it to make your sensors recheck the condition of your vehicle. If it still lights up, best action to have it checked on your local dealer and they can provide answer to your problem.

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