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Can you imagine what a single tyre blowout can do? Your brake malfunctions, you lose control of the steering then your car rollover and hit other vehicles on the road, resulting to an unimaginable road accident that can kill a lot of people. But who is to be blamed for that accident? Who is responsible?

Every driver has a big responsibility on the road while travelling. Recklessness of one can be a consequence to another people’s life. Who would want to be a burden to others if accident occurred due to irresponsibility? It’s not that we can control what will happen to the future, but preventing it from happening is a big help.

Some causes of a tyre blowout:

  • Too high/low air pressure – This is the most important thing to check every time we go out for a drive. Not enough or too much air pressure makes tyre more prone to blowout. A tyre’s internal components are designed with such a limit that allows it to be flexible when having a fast interaction with the road.
  • Potholes/road dents – Not all roads are made for a smooth driving experience, there will always be a road dents that are not friendly to your tyre, which can leave few damages. And those few damages can be the pitfall towards a tyre blowout. Don’t drive too fast and focus on driving, please?
  • Heat – Too much heat can slowly inflate your tyre during travel. It is too dangerous to drive outdoor when temperature starts to rise. Hot surface of the asphalt will add up friction which brings you near a blowout tyre scenario. It would be better to check the situation of your tyre before travelling under the heat of the sun.
  • Overloading – Such heavy weights which exceeds the capacity of your tyre gives you higher risk on having a tyre blowout. When your truck carries more than its maximum capacity a ripe situation will come to your tyre and sadly it will also bring you near a blowout tyre scenario.

Prevention is the key to our safety. Don’t be irresponsible on the road, it’s not a race track where you can perform exhibitions whenever you wanted to. Read some of this safety tips to prevent tyre blowouts:

  • Proper air pressure – Always check your tyres air pressure, most vehicle have a manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure attached on the door jam. That also has the maximum load capacity for your safety travel.
  • Safe Driving Speed – the faster you go the higher your chance to have an accident. Roads are made with rough texture for a reason and if you drive fast it can degrade your tyre easily that may cause a massive tyre blowout.
  • Don’t slam on the brake – If you drive on a high speed you’ll tend to hit the brake with full force when there’s a sudden reason to do so. You’ll degrade your tyre faster and as a worst-case scenario you’ll lose your balance and control after a massive tyre blowout which may cause your car to rollover.
  • Sudden reverse on steering – Again, don’t drive too fast so that you won’t need to do a sudden reverse on steering. Not all tyre are capable of a drift that they may blowout instantly, especially if they are used for a long time.
  • Check your tyre condition – be responsible and always check your tyre if they are still capable to travel with. Tyres usually have a 6-year life span. Consult a local tyre dealer and have a tyre inspection to know if your tyre is still in a good shape.

For more information about tyres services, you can contact us at 0404 608 532 and you can also schedule a free appointment. Your Local Tyre Truck also offer free tyre inspection and we’ll give you the best recommendations. We service the all areas on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

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