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Planning for a road trip? Get your vehicle ready for your travel first, that’s every drivers responsibility. For a lot of reason, it is better to prevent bad things to come rather than letting it slide without your watch. We all want to have a safe travel without any hassle, and every driver should be responsible and take time preparing the vehicle before a long travel. You should also consider the distance and type of road you will go through and what think of the repair kit you should bring to be ready on any situation. Here are some important points that you should check before travel:

  • Tyres – always find time to check your tyre, if they are still good for your travel and if they have the right air pressure before going through a long drive.
  • Engine fan belt – it would be best to have a spare fan belt during a long trip. Better be ready than finding yourself trapped out of nowhere and have nothing to use to solve the problem.
  • Fuel – measure the distance and how much fuel you will need for your travel. Mark your stops for refuel.
  • Radiator Coolant – it is the heart of your vehicle cooling system. It is important to maintain its fluid level to keep your engine far from overheating.
  • Basic Kit for repairs – all of the emergency tools you can bring must be included. Your spare tyre, spare fan belt and the tools you need for emergency repairs.

You should also prepare yourself before a long drive, get enough sleep. Get at least 7 hours of sleep to reserve your energy. Also, we need to keep stock water supply and planned stops to keep ourselves hydrated, health is wealth, right?

There are mobile applications that are helpful for your long travel and can keep you on the right way and update you with the traffic on your way. Keep yourself updated by preparing your mobile for an emergency browsing. You can easily search for a repair shop nearby that can come to you.
Keep safe and be responsible on the road, always. Better safe than having unwanted accidents or break downs during travel. Best advice to have a vehicle inspection before heading for a long ride.

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