• With over 2 decades of interaction with the Kumho brand, value for money rings true. We can make your purchase simple and easy, with a tyre that could suit your vehicle from small cars to family passenger cars, 4WDs and SUVs, light commercials. Its quality is highlighted by the fact that Kumho tyres are chosen by some of the world’s leading car companies. Kumho tyres are fitted as original equipment on a wide range of new cars from the majority of the world’s big automotive brands.

    As one of the world’s largest tyre companies, you can buy Kumho tyres in 180 countries; everywhere from Australia to Zimbabwe, and thier products are tested and proven all over the world. With five research and development centres stretching across Europe, South Asia and North America, Kumho Tyre produce a staggering 68 million tyres per year around the world for cars, vans, and trucks, and even fighter jets.

    Kumho Tyre has also built a name worldwide in motor sports, developing a tyre for Formula 1 and achieving a class winner at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
    So with this attention to detail that Kumho provide, you can be sure that we can help you make an informed choice of tyre for your vehicle.

  • Toyo Tires offers a complete selection of premium replacement tyres for most makes and models of car, manufacturing the best tyres for high-performance, family and luxury vehicles, 4WD, 4X4 and SUVs. They are also heavily involved in continuing to develop new technologies to make our tyres greener, safer and longer-lasting because after 40 years in Australia, Toyo Tires remains driven to perform.

    Toyo has been another brand that we have been involved with for over 20 years. With this experience and usage, we can be confident of the exact attributes these tyres can bring. Toyo has excellence in the 4WD market. We choose Toyo for No1 in 4WD applications. They can be a much more attractive option in regards to pricing too.

  • Whether you are a serious motorsport competitor, four-wheel driver or just drive daily on the street, Federal Tyres have the tyre to suit your needs. Designed and built to meet and exceed the highest of international quality standards, Federal Tyres are Australia’s best value performance tyres. Value again is a major feature here. For something a little different, ask us about Federal tyres today.

  • We want to cater for all demographics. Even if you are on a shoestring budget, or not wanting to spend $2000 on a set of tyres for your Datsun 180B, we pride ourselves on having good quality, safe and affordable options available for all. We have many suppliers that can assist in this space. We do draw the line at the “bottom of the barrel” tyres that come and go from the industry. Safety is the key here, and we only want you to have a positive experience when you purchase form us.

  • As an independent tyre retailer, we are proud to be able to supply most brands to your door. We also have relationships with these
    brands of tyre manufacturers and many more.

    • COOPER
    • NEXAN
    • DUNLOP