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To keep away from a tyre break down or tyre blowouts, we should be responsible of checking our tyres condition before travelling. What if the tyre gives up in a middle of nowhere during after-hours and you don’t have any tools or spare tyre with you? You’ll be lucky enough if there are available 24-hour tyre installation service that can come to you and help you replace your tyre, which can cost you more time and money than having a tyre inspection at your local tyre dealer.

Some tyre dealers would actually suggest you to have a new tyre installation even though you don’t need it yet. That’s why it is better to have some knowledge on checking your tyres condition and when is the right time to go for a tyre installation.

What are some aspects to look at when checking your tyres?

Most tyres have tread wear indicator bars wherein you can measure if your tyres are still good to go for a drive without any threats from breaking down. You can also check your tyre thread using a ruler and measure in-between treads and if its below 1.5mm you might want to consider having a tyre inspection at your trusted local tyre dealer soon.

Maintaining your tyre air pressure is one of the key to make your tyre last longer and you can see the right pressure at your car sidewall recommended by the car manufacturers. It is better to check your air pressure once a month or before a long travel. You should also follow the load capacity to prevent tyre blow out even if it has a great condition.

It would be perfect to have tyre inspection once a month to check the condition and safety of your tyres. Some people assumes that their tyres are still in good shape even though there are a lot of damages that can’t be seen with a simple glance. There might be small troublemakers like those tiny rocks and nails attached that can slowly lessen your tyres air pressure which might cause your tyre to break down. Sometimes, tyres are being damages by rough and risky surface on the road, so it is better to check them regularly and see if there are damages.

You can also determine some problems with your tyre from the drive performance. If you’re having a rough ride with some vibration or troubles, reduce your speed and stop by a local tyre dealer for inspection. You can also change your tyre immediately if you have spare and tools. But if there are still vibrations and rough feel, you must go to your local tyre dealer to find out what the problem may be.

Tyres ages as years passed by. Even though you frequently use your car, being exposed to open air lets oxygen enter and expands the rubber which let tyres crack and become stiffer. That’s why it is important to have an overall tyre installation to keep your travel safe. Tyres have a life-span of 5-6 years till the time you should think about having an overall installation. And if you liked the performance of your tyre but it aged and needs to be replace, try to find the same brand for replacement.

For more tyre tips and services you can contact us and we are delighted to give solutions. We can also give you free tyre inspection and free quote, we’ll come to you.

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