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Your tyre is the most important part of your vehicle when it comes on ensuring your safe travel. Even though the brakes stop your wheel, those tyres will grip on the road and on the brakes to put your vehicle into a complete stop. That’s why it is important to choose the right tyre for your car.

Now, what should we consider when buying a new car or installing a new tyre for your car? Safety first before anything else, right? Here are some aspects to look at when choosing the right tyre:

Tyre size – On the sidewall of every tyre you’ll find a stamp that tells you the exact size of your tyre. Watch this video and know what those stamp on the sidewall of your tyre specifies.

Age of the tyre – Like humans, tyres have a life span of about 6 years from the date it was manufactured. It doesn’t matter if it’s being used it or stocked as spare. Tyres are exposed to oxygen and oxygen particles causes tyre to become stiff (oxidation). That’s why it is important to check the tyre when buying a new one.

Value – Don’t focus on the amount you’ll be spending when buying a new tyre, have a quality over quantity basis. Think about what you’ll be spending if you’re going to buy cheap tyres with low quality over an expensive one with a good quality. If you’ll buy a cheap one with low quality, you might end up buying for another one soon because it will easily break down. But if you choose to buy an expensive one that have a good quality, you won’t worry for a long time because it will last longer and won’t easily break.

Type of driving you have – Like shoes, tyre have different types that will perfectly fit to what travel you might be having. You should also consider the amount of load your vehicle demands. There is a lot of tyre types and here are some to choose from:

  • All Season Tyre – High performance and all season dependable (wet, dry, snowy)
  • Mud Tyre – off-road capable and can travel on a wet rocky ground.
  • Drag Racing/Performance Tyre – for sporty looks that can also perform good maneuver and grip.
  • SUV Tyres – sporty looks that can travel on dry/wet road and can provide good grip on wet ground.
  • Truck Tyre – Heavy-duty tyre that is built to handle the driving needs of a truck.
  • Low-Profile tyre – Have a smaller sidewall that can give you a better handling performance.
  • Snow/Winter Tyre – can maximize grip on snowy ground without using a tire stud.

Plus-sizing – Plus sizing became a trend during early 80’s and 90’s that targets to develop cool looks of the vehicle. But some drivers don’t know that there are a lot of aspect to consider when plus-sizing. Read some of these important things to know when deciding to plus-size your tyre:

  • Speedometer – Changes on your tyre size also changes the reading performance of your speedometer.
  • ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) – most vehicle have an installed ABS and each ABS is designed with the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) tyre size. When changing the overall diameter of your tyre with more than or less than 3% of its original diameter, the ABS of your car may begin to malfunction.
  • Driving Performance – the overall performance you’ll get if you’ll up-size your tyre (handling and grip).

Choosing the right tyre is somehow tricky. That’s why it is better to consult your local tyre dealer and have the best recommendations. Another thing, if you’re planning on buying a brand-new car don’t overlook the tyres condition. Value your money and invest wisely, some cars for sale might have an old tyre despite the fact that it hasn’t been use ever since.

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