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You need to ask these 5 questions…

I have been witness to many customers buying tyres for their car, 4WD or truck over the years. I still amazes me that customers only define a good value purchase based solely on a price point. There is much more to it people! In some cases this can be a large purchase, and it is important to get what is right for you, your driving style and your needs. A classic example of this was a cringe worthy moment in a high profile tyre store I was working in around 2005.

A customer is greeted lovingly by the sales person, who at that time had been in sales for many years, but the tyre industry for 10 minutes! The customer had a 2 year old Mercedes Benz C-Class. A truly lovely car that deserved great quality. When the customer asked what the cheapest tyre would be for his car, the salesperson replied with a figure. I cant remember the exact figure, but is was cheap, real cheap. So cheap in fact that the salesperson had quoted, and was about to sell him re-treads! Back in that time, re-treaded tyres were still out in force as a cheap, budget tyre option. Unfortunately, they would never have suited this customer’s car, but maybe his budget. It was only when the store manager got wind of it, that there was quick turnaround and had to explain to the customer the difference and features of a much better quality option for his Merc…..

So, Mr or Mrs Customer, here a 5 questions you should ask your tyre salesperson next time it is your turn to buy tyres.

  1. Will the tyres you recommend, suit my driving style?
  2. How long will the tyres last me?
  3. Will they be noisy on the road?
  4. How much grip will they provide in the wet or in the dry?
  5. Is that your best price?

So there you have it. When you ask these questions you should receive definite, to the point answers. If your salesperson, has difficulty answering any of these questions that could indicate that he/she doesn’t have the best knowledge of what’s best for you. My advice, find someone who does.

And you may think that question 5 is a little strange, considering I sell tyres too. I was told many years ago, by an elderly man who lived next door, “Son, always ask for a discount. Even if you dont get one, maybe you will!” The point is that is doesn’t hurt to ask…..

  1. November 20, 2015

    I like buying tires like I like buying carpet. It is a necessity, but I never like to…so I always wait as long as possible. I bought three full sets this year. Yep. Three. One for my every day car…a Toyota 4Runner. I asked none of these. Just said, put something similar to what you put on the last time. #2 was for my work truck (that I don’t drive personally), and I put on the cheapest set. It is a Chevy Silverado, and has 180K miles, so just need to get by. 3rd set was my wifes. She bought a set for ride and handling. Since the business bought them, she wasn’t too concerned on price…she got Perellis. Didn’t ask #5 on any of them…next time I guess.

  2. November 20, 2015

    #3 is so important where I live. Being in rural Queensland, we don’t have the “silky” smooth roads of the bigger centres and some tyres (including my last set) make an awful racket on the road.

    Great blog Chris – Some real food for thought for novice tyre buyers (and some seasoned ones too)!

  3. November 22, 2015

    Great insight Nick, thanks for sharing.

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